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Careprost Bimatoprost Eyelash Growth Serum On Sale

There are many female wearing mascara or eyelash extensions to make their eyelashes look longer, which is extremely unsafe for eyes and eyelashes. Frequent use of mascara or fake eyelash will cause eyelashes fragile and feeble. Bimatoprost eyelash serum is your savior that helps to regrow naturally longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes without any side effect. This product is a prostaglandin analog that is not only used to treat glaucoma, but also approved by FDA to increase eyelash size. Bimatoprost is widely sold in the market under the trade name Lumigan, Careprost, Latisse. All of this three products are made up of the same ingredients: bimatoprost 0.03%.

Among them, Lumigan and Latisse are produced by the same company, both of them have exact same ingredients and strength, the former is a kind of drug passed FDA approval to treat glaucoma and reduce high eye pressure. It was found by accident that when applying Lumigan to treat glaucoma, patients’ eyelash is growing longer and fuller as a side effect. Therefore Allergen company launched another version of Lumigan, named Latisse, specifically for eyelash growth. Latisse has also approved by FDA to increase eyelash size and length. What’s more, this product is the first and only FDA approved serum to enhance eyelash.

Careprost is an alternative product of Latisse/Lumigan that was launched by Sun Pharma . It has the same ingredient as Latisse/Lumigan, and its price is much lower. It you want to lengthen eyelash with Latisse but stop at its high price, careprost is your alternative choice, since this product has same effect as Latisse, but price is only a quarter of Latisse.

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