Can I Use Bimatoprost 0.03% Instead Of Other Product

We know lots of ways can help eyelash growth long and curl,but so many product,how to choose for you? can i use bimatoprost 0.03% instead of other product? let’s find out answer.

Latisse and Lumigan are the same medication in different bottles so they will have the same effect. Having said that,if you are in the United States, especially, I caution you from asking your doctor for a prescription for Lumigan, though, if you do not have glaucoma.

If you are trying to get your insurance to pay for your eyelash treatments, this is a bad idea as your insurance records will be flagged as you having glaucoma treatments. It might make it difficult for you to get insurance in the future, as the glaucoma could be considered a pre-existing condition if you are changing health insurance (or applying for life insurance).

Finally, if you want to use other products instead of bimatoprost, please buy in the regular online store.

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