The Charm Of Bimatoprost Eyelash Growth

Let you become more beautiful and confident.Self-confidence can bring you a lot of enthusiasm and energy.Bimatoprost eyelash growth serum help you got dark and thick eyelashes. In addition to using our products, you can also try other ways.

1. VE coated: VE is the most common kind of pharmacy to sell, 3 yuan a box of gold capsules, take a day with a toothpick stab painted on the eyelashes. But so easy to fat particles, it is recommended to use the old mascara bottle clean dress, brush with brush only on the eyelashes when applied, you will not get the eyes will not grow fat particles. Others are using old lipgloss boxes with lip liner brushes.

2. With VAD: Some people say that the reason why VE can increase eyelashes because the inside of the cod liver oil (including VAD) at work, not VE credit. So some people use VD capsules smear eyelashes, for some people the effect is very good.

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