Why Do Some People Use Bimatoprost Appear Side Effects

Different people use the same product, the effect is not the same.Each person body to a drug reaction is different.If you are in the process of using the bimatoprost these symptoms, please stop using it.Consult a physician.

Bimatoprost side effects are often in the form of itching or redness of eyes. These symptoms disappear few days after regular dosage. Some other side effects that were observed are darkening of the skin, dry eyes and irritation and redness of the eyelids. These conditions are not too strong, so as long as the doctor prescribes the next dose of bimatoprost.

The difference lies mainly in how it is conditioned by different manufacturers. As the active ingredient bimatoprost remains the same, there is rarely a difference in terms of efficiency. However, it is generic bimatoprost generally cheaper, not because they are the premium brand.

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